Hi. I’m Rachel. I’m the owner/dyer here at The Whimsical Ewe.  I started hand dyeing yarn in 2015 after a life-long list of other hobbies: cross stitch and hand embroidery, English smocking and sewing heirloom clothes for babies and children, scrapbooking, photography, home renovation, woodworking, crochet, and knitting. But once I was introduced to dyeing yarn, it stole my heart from all other interests.

Rachel is a Hebrew name that means ewe or little lamb.  When I was a baby, my grandmother found and purchased fabric with cute little gray and green sheep frolicking among pastel rainbows.  When I was pregnant with my first child, she gave this fabric to me as a gift.  She said she bought it, so many years before, with the plan of gifting it to me to make bedding, curtains, etc. for my first baby.  And so, I did.  Little lambs have always represented me, even before I ever touched a strand of wool.  So, the name The Whimsical Ewe just felt right.

I LOVE color.  All colors.  I love bold colors, gentle colors, stripes, speckles…  I truly love it all.  I started dyeing yarn intended for socks, but once I got the yarn dyeing bug, I just dyed for the sake of dyeing, with no idea what it would become.

During the pandemic lockdown, I really ramped up my yarn dying.  I was stuck at home and needed a distraction.  I already had more hand dyed yarn than I could ever knit, but I was enjoying it so much.  While most people were unhappy to be stuck at home, I was loving every minute of it!

I decided to turn my hobby into a business.  I had owned a small business before and wanted to again. I dipped my toe into the water on Etsy.

I never anticipated the absolute thrill ride this would be. Feelings of terror and joy, sometimes simultaneously. Stepping out of comfort zones right and left.  The love and kindness showered on me by my customers is still an absolute shock, but I LOVE it! And it truly warms my heart!